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Setting up your system

Setting up this system is very simple. It requires only one audio connection to your TV and one AC power connection.

Note: The system can be used with almost any TV. Use it as a stand for TVs with bases up to 20" wide and 10.25" deep. Or set it below a wall-mounted TV, or on a shelf or media cabinet. The maximum weight that can be placed on the system is 40 pounds.

Set your TV aside but keep it close by. It is a good idea to turn it so you have access to the connection panel

Place the sound system in the location where you plan to place your TV

  1. Connect one of the provided audio cables to your TV's audio output

Most TVs today have the three types of audio outputs shown below. For the best audio performance, always use the highest-quality output available. Optical is the first choice, coaxial is second and analog is third

optical digital audio (recommended): a digital audio output that passes digital data in the form of pulsating light through a fiber optic cable.

note: if you are using an optical cable, be sure to remove the protective cap from both ends. when inserting the plug into the connector, you may sense a slight resistance and additional pressure may be needed to get it to click securely in place.end column: 2

coaxial digital audio (recommended): a digital audio output that passes digital data through a 75-ohm coaxial cable.

analog stereo audio: the most common type of audio output in which the left and right channel are connected separately. use this connection if no digital audio outputs are available

Plug the other end of the chosen audio cable into the corresponding audio input connector on the sound system. If you wish, you can slide the cable into the built-in cable clip

Plug one end of the included power cord into the AC input connector

If you're using the sound system as a stand for your TV, place it on the sound system, making sure the TV base is centered and does not hang over any edge of the system

Plug the sound system power cord into a live AC outlet. A moment after applying power, the system emits two tones indicating that it is ready to use

Once your system is setup and ready to use, it is recommended to turn off your TV speakers and have the TV audio play only through your Bose system for best results. See Turning off the internal TV speakers if you need help.

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