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Using the radio

Selecting a radio band

on the remote, press radio to turn on the radio. the last selected radio station will play. pressing radio while the system is on will swich between fm and am.


Listening to FM/AM radio

When you select FM radio, RDS information for the current station is displayed. This is controlled by the RADIO TEXT setting in the setup menu.

To disable RDS and view only the station frequency, change the RADIO TEXT setting to OFF. See Turning RDS on or off

Tuning to an FM/AM station

when you press radio, seek/track or tune/mp3 to tune to a radio station, the frequency appears in the center of the display while you are tuning.




on the remote, use the seek/track buttons to find a radio station (lower or higher) with the next strongest signal


use the tune/mp3 buttons to manually tune to a lower or higher frequency. press and hold to move rapidly through the radio frequencies


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